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White pipes — Hot Water System in Manunda, QLD

Hot water systems in Cairns

Regardless of the brand or the quality of the installation you will eventually need to replace your hot water system. We can supply you with a full replacement of a more efficient system which will also most likely be less expensive to run. Older electric systems lose their effectiveness over time and are also far more costly to run than newer electric, gas and solar systems. We can upgrade your current hot water system quickly and effectively.
There are three main types of hot water system. Each has pros and cons and we can help you choose the right one for your home. The systems include:
Electric System — Hot Water System in Manunda, QLD
Electric systems
These are the kind of hot water systems that were most popular for many years. They are typically the least expensive of the three, which makes them appealing for those who are on a budget. However, they are more costly to run, even if you have a newer and more energy efficient model.
Gas system — Hot Water System in Manunda, QLD
Gas systems
These use natural gas and are a much more energy efficient way to heat water. They take much less time to fill, some are tankless and can provide ongoing hot water. They are a little more expensive than electric systems in initial investment but they cost much less to run so the initial cost is ... Read more
Solar Panel System — Hot Water System in Manunda, QLD
Solar systems
Solar systems can be operated either entirely on solar panels or they can have gas or electric backup power during times when the sun is not as reliable. These are the most expensive in terms of upfront investment because you have to pay for the heater itself as well as the ... Read more

We provide installations of new hot water systems and can also carry out thorough repairs of your existing system. We’ll help with the following services or issues:
  • broken hot water thermostats
  • broken heating element
  • hot water leak
  • hot water service
  • broken hot water tempering valve
  • no hot water or inadequate hot water
  • leaking hot water cylinders
  • water leaking from the pressure release valves
  • pilot lights out
  • broken gas systems
  • broken electric hot water heaters
  • broken fuse or circuit breaker or RCD
  • rust coloured water
  • broken hot water valve
  • broken hot water tank